Digital Works Goes Virtual

(May 15, 2018) – Digital Works just took a successful, first step into a new facet of workforce training—going virtual.  The program, which was established by Connected Nation to meet the needs of teleworking, just completed its first all-virtual class in Kiowa County, Kansas.

Tami Raber, Glenna Day, Marlena Routledge, Heather Day (L-R) are the first graduates of the Digital Works’ virtual class located in Kansas.

Connected Nation wants to congratulate Tami Raber, Glenna Day, Marlena Routledge, and Heather Day (pictured right) on becoming the first to complete this new version of the Digital Works program.  It’s a first step that means Digital Works’ staff can continue to help more people across the country through this important program.

“We have classes across the United States, in facilities and now virtually, where people are trained in how to use digital resources or, if they already have a basic understanding, we train them for employer-related needs such as customer relations and technical support,” said Stu Johnson, Director of Digital Works. “Work-at-home and telework jobs are the fastest-growing segments of the workforce, and for rural areas, they also can be vital for saving the economy and small communities.”

All of the jobs are remote, economic based, an in-demand positions—providing new employment opportunities and a larger tax base for the local community. Training is done through the Drive platform, which provides online and ongoing education even after graduation.

Digital Works has established relationships with more than 70 employers across the country and customers its training so graduates are learning the skills companies are asking for in employees, making them more marketable. The training model is couple with our long-term experience in mentoring remote workers through career challenges and changes.



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