Bring Digital Works to Your Community

Your Community

Digital Works fills the need not met through traditional recruiting, hiring, and training channels. The program is community-driven and provides a workforce development platform that can be tailored to large, urban settings, small towns, rural counties, statewide programs, or individually in a brick-and-mortar or virtual setting. Whatever your community situation – Digital Works is equipped to address it.

The New Job Market

If you are an employer seeking skilled workers with the qualifications for quality customer service management, please contact us. Connected Nation can screen, train, and certify individuals who will match your current resource need.

Dr.Roberto Gallardo, Assistant Director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development
“We found that both salaried and self-employed teleworkers are seeing a positive impact on their median household income. What communities and states need to do now is modify their economic and workforce development policies— to nurture, attract, and retain teleworkers.”