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Digital Works has been leveraged by young adults, single parents, families, military spouses, veterans, senior citizens, and those coping with physical challenges. The program has helped people in both rural and urban settings and is meant to create positive changes in the lives of families and individuals.

Placement and Pay

Digital Works training and mentoring is designed for placement in typically a 4-6 week cycle with a conservative 80% placement rate.

Because Digital Works facilitators mentor graduates through their careers and promote a co-working peer network, retention is typically high and advancement is often quick depending on the skill and will of each participant. Entry level salaries and hourly pay vary from position to position.

Become an employer of choice

The Employers

Digital Works has established relationships with more than 70 employers across the country and customizes its training so graduates are learning the skills companies are searching for in employees.

This model is coupled with our long-term experience in mentoring remote workers through career changes and challenges — making Digital Works a workforce and economic development program for the modern era.

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Bring DW to Your Community

Digital Works is not a one-size-fits-all program. It was developed to be leveraged by both urban and rural settings. It can assist communities, nonprofits, government agencies, and other advocacy groups address workforce development needs, and it has been used to jump-start job-depressed areas.

The program has been successfully completed by senior citizens, military spouses and veterans, young adults, the physically challenged, single parents, and many others.

Digital Works can offer you improved technology skills, vital online job skills training, and the opportunity to join the modern workforce by way of high-demand positions!

We’re looking for people with a great customer focus, good communication skills, attention to detail, and self-motivation. Register now to learn more.

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