Training Remote Workers in Rural New Mexico

Grants, New Mexico (May 7, 2018) – It can be difficult to find a job in rural New Mexico. For people who want to stay in their community, remote work is now a viable option but it requires a high speed internet connection.

Digital Works, a program of Connected Nation, provides the support and training for the SoloWorks program in Cibola County.  It’s not only helping families stay in the places they love but it’s actually helping the community where each of the trainees live and work.

“We see this remote work as an opportunity to expand our economic tax base by our remote workers, working and security employment, with people who are out of state, bringing new money into the county to help expand that tax base,” said  Eileen Chavez Yarborough, Cibalo Counties Economic Development. Watch the story below:

State of Change: Training Remote Workers In Rural New Mexico


This story is part of the “State of Change” project by New Mexico in Focus. Leah Todd from the Solutions Journalism Network worked with the PBS affiliate  on this report. You can read her print story online: In small towns, a way to make remote work, work.

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