Meet Our Latest Graduates From Columbus

Columbus, Oh. (May 15, 2018) – Digital Works is celebrating its two newest graduating classes from its Columbus, Ohio facility.  Classes were recently completed at the Reeb Avenue Center, a facility that houses multiple nonprofits. It’s dedicated to holistically addressing the needs of the surrounding community.

Digital Works, a program of Connected Nation, takes part in fulfilling that mission by providing digital literacy and workforce training. The program also provides long-term, career mentorship to help graduates address the unique challenges of providing customer and technical support.

In late April and early May, Digital Works celebrated the graduation of its 20th and 21st classes at the Reeb Avenue Center. Join Digital Works’ staff as we wish these graduates great careers and years of success to come:

Classes #20 and #21

Yvonne Hilderbrand, Class #20

David Givens, Class #20

Erica Wright, Class #20

Jairus Tait, Class #20

Jam Hammel, Class #20








Crystal Amesquita, Class #21

Hasan Albeer, Class #21

Jerecita Woodard, Class #21

Mary Smith, Class #21

Melissa Hoy, Class #21

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