Student Spotlight: Brandon Wilhelm

Fort Campbell, Ky. (March 25, 2020) –Brandon Wilhelm is a former marine and has lived in the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area for about 11 years now. Brandon has primarily worked in automotive technician positions over the last few years, but he has been looking for something that would work well with his life as a single father.

“The opportunities as well as flexibility are priceless as a single parent. The fact that you can essentially become an Independent Contractor instead of working for a Corporation or Company that looks at their workforce as tools or statistics is the most appealing aspect for myself. I feel now I can balance work and have more time with my children and provide for them even more so being able to make my own schedule and work for multiple companies.”

When Brandon heard about the Digital Works program and their desire to help veterans like him find work from home jobs, he saw an opportunity to have the best of both worlds. Spending time with his kids is his top priority, but providing a steady income can be difficult when you’re flying solo. With the Digital Works program and remote work placement assistance, he could work out of his own home, make his own schedule, and guarantee time with the most precious people in the world.

“I have gained mounds of information from the Digital Works program. The staff and support have a lot of experience and helpful knowledge in the work at home field. They make you think about and point out parts of the course that will even improve everyday life and interactions as a professional/consumer. Jessica Golson’s customer service skills and experiences shared within the course are priceless extra benefits. I now feel I am part of a family striving to bring a positive light on the lives of people everywhere, no matter what your experience may be.”

As of this week, Brandon has graduated from the Fort Campbell Digital Works facility as a part of the second wave of students to attend. He has started applying for jobs in class alongside his fellow training graduates.

“I have tried multiple online sources for resume help and assistance. After utilizing said online tools and mass applying, I was having little to no result. I rarely received responses from employers even when I felt like I was more than qualified and had the job on lock-down. This amazing program and the staff pointed out my flaws on my resume approach. Now I am attacking applications by selling my set of skills that apply to each job specifically. The first day of applying for jobs, some of my classmates as well as myself received responses from employers with 24 hours! To me that speaks volumes about this program and who stands both in front of and behind it.”

Digital Works is especially relevant in today’s world. So many companies are turning to remote work in order to keep the lights on, employees on staff, and meet the needs of their clients. This mean the demand is greater than ever, and quality teleworkers are a hot commodity. The DW program works with students to prepare them for taking calls in their own homes, handling busy lines, soothing frustrated customers, providing top quality customer service, strengthen their sales skills, and most importantly, finding a job or jobs that meet their needs.

“With everything that has changed in this world, just in the last few weeks, I am beyond grateful for the security I feel because of this program. I am fortunate to be in the position I am in, with a team behind me of fellow classmates, previous graduates, and Jess- they have my back. I feel confident that by the time you are reading this, I’ll be sitting in the safety of my home, providing for my family, and feeling altogether like a true boss.”

Watch Brandon’s video interview HERE!

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