Student Spotlight: Lindsay Thompson

Fort Campbell, Ky. (March 25, 2020) –Lindsay Thompson graduated from the Digital Works program at the end of February. She was the first student from the Fort Campbell facility to receive and accept a job offer to work from home! Lindsay is a military spouse and mom to a sweet and spunky three year old! Lindsay’s situation as a spouse is a little different from the typical story you hear.

“My husband and I got married when het got home from a tour in Korea. He was stationed in New Mexico at the time, so my daughter and I moved down there to be with him. After four months, we finally got a house and attempted to settle into our day to day life as a family. Months went by, and we struggled. A lot. I just couldn’t seem to find a job that worked with his schedule, day care, and actually left money to pay the bills. Finally, we made the difficult decision to have my daughter and I move back to Tennessee where my family lives, so that I could get a job and have the support of family around.”

Lindsay is a nail technician and truly loves helping people get their glam on! Working with people everyday gives her a sense of accomplishment. She is passionate about others and it shows in how she communicates with people. Despite finally getting her nail tech license and working in TN, life just didn’t seem to get better.

“I was finally working, which was great, but I missed my husband and our daughter missed her dad. The travelling back and forth from here to there was exhausting, expensive, and became almost impossible with my work schedule. Honestly, something had to change, I just didn’t know what to do. I had already separated my family to try to make ends meet, and now we were even more miserable it seemed.”

Lindsay heard about the Digital Works program and finally saw a little bit of hope. She had been afraid of what would happen when they received orders for yet another location. Would it be easier somewhere else to find a job? Would she face the same issues she was already living with, her family separated by hundreds of miles? The DW program offered work from home placement assistance, affording her the opportunity to get a job that would travel with her wherever she moved to. This not only meant job security for her, but it meant her family could be together again.

“I can not explain the relief to you. When I told my husband about my new job after only 3.5 weeks with the program, and that this new job would move with us and allow me to work around our schedules so I could also take care of our little girl, it was the happiest moment we have been able to share for so long. While I am working on training, I can travel and spend weeks or a month at a time with my husband while we wait for what tomorrow brings us. He is getting out of the military soon and looking for jobs in other states. I don’t know where we will end up, but I do know I will be able to take my job with me, and most importantly, we will be together again.”

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