Press Release: Connect Ohio, Digital Works, and Connected Nation Statements on City of Columbus (OH) Distinction as 2015 Intelligent Community of the Year


Columbus, Ohio – Last week, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) named the city of Columbus (OH) the 2015 Intelligent Community of the Year, a distinction presented to a city from around the world that understands the enormous challenges of the Broadband Economy and has taken conscious steps to create an economy capable of prospering in it. ICF recognized Columbus as a leader among “the rebirth of the American Midwest.” ICF, headquartered in New York, is an international think tank and foundation that studies and promotes the best practices of the world’s Intelligent Communities as they adapt to the new demands and seize the opportunities presented by information and communications technology (ICT).
“Connect Ohio and our parent company, Connected Nation, have long been committed to improving Ohio’s broadband landscape,” said Lindsay Shanahan, Executive Director of Connect Ohio. “We have worked closely with Columbus over the years to track broadband access and improve technology resources for the community. We are proud to have supported efforts that secured the 2015 Intelligent Community distinction.”
“It was an honor to support Columbus’s application for this special distinction,” said Stu Johnson, Vice President of Digital Works. “For many years, Columbus has been on the cutting edge of broadband advancement, and this recognition is well deserved. Digital Works is proud to be part of Columbus’s technology services.”

“Connected Nation is proud to celebrate this extraordinary achievement with the city of Columbus and Mayor Coleman. Their hard work to advance the city’s broadband economy serves as a leader and inspiration to all of Ohio, the country, and now the world,” said Tom Ferree, President and Chairman of Connected Nation. “We know that this is yet another big step forward for Ohio’s larger technology and economic development interests, and we look forward to being part of the continued advancement and leadership of broadband expansion across the state. Congratulations, Columbus!”
For more information about the 2015 Intelligent Community of the Year and the Intelligent Community Forum, please visit the Intelligent Community Forum.

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About Connect Ohio: Connect Ohio, a division of Connected Nation, is a leading technology organization committed to bringing affordable high-speed Internet and broadband-enabled resources to all Ohioans. Connect Ohio effectively raises the awareness of the value of broadband and works to improve technology access, adoption, and use through its programs. Connect Ohio is a nonprofit, technology-neutral public-private partnership. For more information about what Connect Ohio is doing to accelerate technology in Ohio’s communities, visit Follow Connect Ohio on Facebook and Twitter.

About Digital Works: Digital Works, a program of Connected Nation, Inc., connects people to leading-edge customer support and IT jobs for global corporations. Digital Works offers a technology and client-services training program, along with continued mentorship toward opportunities for advanced job placement. Graduates of the program can choose to work from home or from a Digital Works center. Since the program launch in Ohio in June 2013, more than 400 people have secured employment. For more information about how Digital Works is training job seekers, visit Follow Digital Works on Facebook and Twitter.

About Connected Nation: Connected Nation is a leading technology organization committed to bringing affordable high-speed Internet and broadband-enabled resources to all Americans. Connected Nation effectively raises the awareness of the value of broadband and related technologies by developing coalitions of influencers and enablers for improving technology access, adoption, and use. Connected Nation works with consumers, community leaders, states, and technology providers and foundations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to develop and implement technology expansion programs with core competencies centered on a mission to improve digital inclusion for people and places previously underserved or overlooked. For more information, please visit: Follow Connected Nation on Facebook and Twitter.

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