Amber K. – Graduate Spotlight


Amber previously owned and managed a successful restaurant until physical limitations made it too difficult for her to continue. Amber has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is now looking for ways to start another business, despite those physical limitations. Digital Works seemed to be the perfect place for her to get that start.

Amber showed great potential the moment she began the Digital Works program. She was a dedicated student, scored over 95% on her assessments, and already had an extensive customer service background.

“Amber has a lot of passion for our program and how it can help the Adams County area,” shared Amber’s instructor, Tracy Dwyer. “With this passion, I believe she will have huge success.”

Amber has found immediate success by already receiving multiple job offers. She is currently working for NexRep as an Inbound Sales Agent and has been offered a position with ACDirect. She recently completed training with Live Ops and hopes to get a dedicated Public Partnership Line with that company, which is a level 2 position providing payroll customer service and tech support for Medicaid home care agents.

“I appreciate that I could complete the program in a short amount of time and get work right away,” said Amber. “This was so impressive to me and will help my livelihood in the future. Tracy and the employees of Digital Works are awesome and very helpful in fulfilling my goals and dreams for the future.”


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