Pam O. – Graduate Spotlight

Pam first entered the Digital Works program at the West Union, Ohio, facility, which was a 40-mile drive one-way. Her commitment and determination to succeed in the program was obvious right away. Pam completed orientation and began her training at West Union, until the Lynchburg, Ohio, facility re-opened earlier this year.

Pam took the advice or her Digital Works training facilitator and cast a wide net when applying for positions following graduation. In total, Pam applied to 13 companies and kept a binder of her communication history with each. She received job offers from the following five companies:

  • Maritz
  • Liveops
  • Verafast
  • Convergys
  • ACD Direct

Pam accepted positions with two, Maritz and Liveops. She was hired by Maritz with an offer of 20 hours per week, but is now working 36 hours a week and receiving exceptional stats (98% call quality). Pam works intermittently for Liveops, as well.

Pam’s determination and resolve are inspiring to her fellow graduates and current Digital Works trainees. She has natural interpersonal skills and provides exceptional customer service. Pam works her hours at the Lynchburg facility, where she is generous with her time in helping others in the office.


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