Military spouse’s career thrives thanks to remote work opportunities

Fort Campbell, Kentucky (March 24, 2022) — The pandemic has changed so much about how we live our lives, including the way we work and earn a living. The shift to work-from-home brought many challenges, and presented opportunities at the same time. Lawanda Little was able to take advantage of the hiring surge at the beginning of the lockdown, and she has continued to soar in her career ever since.

Lawanda spent a couple of years participating in every professional networking event and opportunity in her community while she finished her paralegal degree program. She built a strong network through church connections, joined a women’s empowerment networking group, and gained a professional LinkedIn profile picture from an on-post job fair. 

Lawanda Little

Lawanda Little

Lawanda is proud of her résumé, which highlights her professional and volunteer experience, education, and the essential soft skills she developed as a military spouse. She firmly believes that a good résumé highlights a job seeker’s strengths, talents, and accomplishments.

Early in 2020, her spouse separated from the Army, and they moved their family to a new location — shortly before the world changed overnight. In March 2020, online retailers were suddenly the busiest marketplace for most of life’s necessities, and with this came a high demand for remote customer service employees. 

Lawanda was primed to take advantage of this. She mentally pivoted, applied, and was hired by a global retailer, where she prospered for almost two years. Thanks to her strong and carefully tended network, she recently accepted a new job that allows her to leverage her remote customer service skills in a different industry. Her new role offers unlimited growth potential while still allowing her to work from home.

Lawanda feels that military-affiliated spouses are perfect for remote employment because they are dependable, good at multi-tasking, and the most resourceful people she has ever met. Networking and adaptability are the keys to unlocking the right door for successful, remote employment. Lawanda encourages other military spouses to leverage their unique skills and take advantage of a remote-work opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

About this blog series: We set out to create a blog series to honor Women’s History Month and highlight remarkable contributions made by women in the Fort Campbell, Ky., area. It became clear early in our research that women in this community are forging new paths and making history day by day, and individuals who share their stories can motivate others to do the same. Our blog series focuses on inspiring women who let their light shine and uplift the next generation of female leaders. You can also learn more about the Digital Works program by heading to

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About the Author: Melissa Anderson is the new Facilitator and Development Coordinator for the Digital Works (a Connected Nation Initiative) Fort Campbell location, bringing more than 17 years employment and volunteer experience with remote work environments, training, and development. In addition to being an active-duty Army spouse, she has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior and a master’s degree in Training & Development. She enjoys everything associated with books, reading, and learning and she is passionate about supporting the military family community.

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