How Digital Works Helps This Military Spouse Find Remote Work

Class of 2020: Kristine Cameron

Fort Campbell, Ky (August 5, 2020) – Digital Works (DW), a program of Connected Nation, just hit its 1,000 th job placement! In celebration, we will be sharing stories of past participants, facilitators, supporters, and funders/partners, along with the history of our program and how it has impacted so many lives.

Kristine Cameron is one of Digital Works’ newest graduates from the Fort Campbell location. She completed the program in March of 2020 and is excited to start her new journey working from home.

Cameron is a dedicated wife and mother who wore the hat of military spouse while her husband served in the Army. During that time, she stayed home to raise her children and felt fortunate to have had that opportunity. Once they had grown and moved on with their lives, she was looking forward to getting a job and feeling a sense of independence. But then her husband was no longer able to work, and she also took on the role of caregiver. “I am more than happy to be there for my husband and help him in every way possible,” Cameron said, “but I still wanted some independence.”

Trying to work outside of the home was difficult, she said. “There was always a conflict, and it just never worked out. As a caretaker to my husband, I have many things I need to do on a daily basis, and it just wasn’t manageable when I wasn’t home with him.”

Kristine Cameron

Kristine Cameron

That’s when she learned about Digital Works, a program that would provide her with the training she needed to work from home and then mentor her through her job search. Cameron learned so much from the program. “Finding a remote job is not easy on your own and is also a little intimidating,” she said. “After graduating from Digital Works, I definitely felt prepared and confident I would get a job.”

She graduated from the program in March and is now working from home. She’s able to be the caretaker that her husband needs and has gained the independence she has long sought. “Being able to work from home has helped boost my self-confidence. I can still tend to my important responsibilities at home and I’m able to contribute financially, even though I didn’t think that was possible since I haven’t worked in so long. As a mother and caretaker, you never really think about yourself, and I have realized that I do need to take care of me, too!”

“I am thankful that the Digital Works program is an option for the military and veteran community. You just don’t understand how much of an impact this has on those who want or need to work from home!”

Congratulations Kristine Cameron! Best wishes from everyone at Digital Works on your continued success.

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