Digital Works and USO Host Virtual Employment Readiness Workshop for Military Spouses

Fort Campbell, Ky (July 29, 2020) – On Thursday, July 16, Digital Works (DW) and USO Pathfinder teamed up to host a virtual workshop for military spouses. This workshop was designed for military spouses seeking to improve their résumé and learn about remote work opportunities.

USO Pathfinder is a program that helps service members and military spouses plan for what’s next while providing resources for a successful transition. USO Site Manager Lauren Kovalski moderated the workshop along with Digital Works Fort Campbell Facilitator Jessica Golson.

“The USO Pathfinder team is such a vital lifeline for our military community, assisting transitioning soldiers and military families with career changes and opportunities,” said Golson. “The workshop collaboration was just one of many events we plan to participate in, led by the USO Pathfinder group.”

The workshop was divided into three sections: how to improve a résumé/cover letter, military-to-civilian translations, and a Digital Works program spotlight with Q&A session from past participants.

To start out, Kovalski reviewed résumé tips and explained how to tailor the perfect résumé. She then provided an example of what a correct résumé looked like and how she got there. During each portion of the workshop, Kovalski answered an array of questions such as: “What do I put on the bullet points if my last job was confidential?” and “How many years should we go back with our volunteer experience?” 

After the résumé and cover letter portion, Kovalski went through military-to-civilian translations and what resources participants can use for assistance. One of the main learning points was how to translate military job titles to civilian job titles. This was an important piece of information for participants because it can be a challenge to communicate past responsibilities working in the military to non-service employers.

The last portion of the workshop was designed to help military spouses find reliable resources for remote work. This was when Jessica Golson introduced Digital Works. Digital Works is a one-of-a-kind job creation program that goes beyond training and placement to encompass high-demand, telework professions. The newest facility is located in Fort Campbell, Ky., and works with military spouses, veterans, and veterans’ spouses.

Golson spoke about what the class offers participants, how DW connects graduates to vetted vendors/employers, what you need for each class, equipment needed to work from home, and the benefits of teleworking, especially for military spouses.

Two recent DW graduates, Chantel Cooke and Adelaide Tatuli, also joined the workshop to share their personal experience with the program and how it has helped them secure remote work jobs. You can read Adelaide’s graduate spotlight HERE.

Golson stated “It has been a pleasure to work alongside USO, providing as much support to their mission as we can, and gaining access to military spouses and veterans who desperately need jobs that can move with them and work around their hectic schedules.”

If you are interested in learning more about Digital Works and how it supports the military community, you can head over to 


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