Digital Works Student Spotlight: Adelaide Tatuli

Fort Campbell, Ky (June 25, 2020) – June has brought many new faces to the Digital Works family. One of those faces belongs to Class V graduate Adelaide Tatuli.

“I relocated from Kenya (East Africa) to America in October 2015 to get married to my then fiancé, now husband,” Adelaide tells us of her move to the U.S. “He was already in the Army, active duty here in Fort Campbell, when we got married. A year into our marriage, he left active duty and joined the Army Reserve in Fort Knox, and then later moved to Nashville where he still is. He’s considering going back active at the soonest opportunity because he loves his Army job so much and hasn’t been able to find something that matches it in the civilian world. So, this is my life! Been a military spouse all my married life, and it seems it will be my life for I don’t know how long.”

Adelaide has a background in counseling and worked with refugees in her homeland of Kenya before following her husband to the states. While she is eager to use her degree and education in counseling again one day, her current life isn’t necessarily compatible with working outside of the home.

“I definitely need the flexibility to navigate between raising our two very young kids and also work to supplement my husband’s income. Sometimes, whenever possible, we tag along with my husband when he goes out of town, and there is also the possibility of moving around since my husband is planning on going back active; so having a job I can take with me wherever we go is important to me.”

Working from home is definitely the best option for Adelaide, but getting any sort of job would be welcome. After nearly five years in the U.S., she has yet to find any employment, and the transition has been difficult. This program ended up being the light she needed to move forward.

“It has literally changed my life for the better. I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration that will benefit me beyond just working from home,” she says. “I did not have the boldness to get out there and try, but after going through this program, I am now confident to dive in. This program has truly been the blessing I was praying for.”

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