Digital Works Student Spotlight: Naudica Howard

Fort Campbell, Ky (June 25, 2020) – Naudica Howard is gearing up to graduate with our current Class VI. Originally from Jamaica, Naudica spent a good portion of her life in northern Ohio prior to becoming a military spouse.  She’s been married for three years, and Fort Campbell is their first duty station.

Raising their two kids while her husband is deployed is far from an easy task. Trying to find employment opportunities that can work with her hectic schedule is even more difficult.

“Working from home is an opportunity that interests me because I need flexibility, to set my own hours, and traveling capabilities. With an active duty husband who is always at work, in the field or now deployed, I am the parent that is constantly with our two very young children, so my days are pretty hectic and constantly busy. I thrive in the night, and it would be awesome to land a night-shift at-home job/career.”

Naudica likes to visit family in Ohio whenever she can. It’s common for military spouses to travel home during long training or deployments to seek the aide of family in managing their kids, and to combat the loneliness and stress that comes with the distance. When Naudica heard about the Digital Works program — and the prospect of getting a job she could maintain when she makes trips home and eventually moves on to the next duty station — it seemed like the perfect fit!

“I heard about this program while leaving base,” she recalls. “I was immediately excited when I did my own research and saw many people recommending this program… So far I am still excited and loving the program!”

Plus, she says, Digital Works Facilitator Jess Golson is “pretty awesome!”

Naudica wants others to know this program exists and what it can do for them. She sees use for the program in multiple avenues.

“If a spouse is considering working from home like myself, or even wanting to learn more customer service skills, I highly suggest checking out Digital Works because it’s very informative, you get hands-on training, and you are provided with many tools/skills that companies look for when hiring employees!”

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