Hired Participant Perspective of Digital Works

Roberta Molinero was part of the first Digital Works Portsmouth training class that started last October.

Before coming to Digital Works, Molinero, 47, of Portsmouth had been unemployed for years. She had gone back to school to pursue a teaching degree, but fell short when her financial aid was cut off.

Molinero also has Multiple Sclerosis, which made it increasingly challenging for her to hold a job. On top of looking for a job where she could work from home, Molinero needed flexibility in her work schedule as she is helping to raise her grandchildren.

Molinero became interested in the Digital Works program after learning about the flexibility in scheduling that the program offers.

“The training was short; I thought it would take several months to complete,” said Molinero. “It only took 6 weeks for me to finish and it was very thorough and easy to complete.”

Molinero used to be a telemarketer years ago and found the Digital Works training skills to be similar to her previous job skills. What she really liked about the entry-level one position from Digital Works was the idea of taking inbound calls.

“As long as I can talk, I figured a job making phone calls would be good, especially if I wouldn’t have to leave my home,” Molinero said. “I definitely prefer to be working versus being on Social Security. I know Digital Works was a lifesaver for me; it’s a great program and I am so lucky to have found it.”

Digital Works Portsmouth facilitator Pearlie Palmer describes Molinero as having an outgoing personality and genuine warmth that made her an automatic success in the Digital Works program.

“Digital Works training is thorough and actually teaches you skills,” Molinero said. “Previously when I worked in customer service there really wasn’t much training — they just had you read a script and from there you went on trial and error. It was nice to actually learn techniques and build skills to work off of.”

After completing the training curriculum and onboarding time of working from the Digital Works center, Molinero is proudly employed and started working from her home the first week of 2014.

“The money is pretty good; I’m making more than what I thought I would be able to make. I originally thought I would only be able to get part time hours through this program, but I’ve noticed it all comes down to the time you put into it,” she said.

“Roberta has the comfort of working from her home and is proud to report after being employed through Digital Works the paycheck for her first week of work is enough to start supporting her family again,” said Palmer. “She continues to set goals and is very much excited at the potential and opportunity that she is now seeing in her future due to joining the Digital Works program.”

Learn more: www.digitalworksjobs.org

Apply online: http://digitalworksjobs.org/about-us/for-applicants/

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