Graduate Spotlight – Cheryl P.

Cheryl had been unemployed due to a long-term disability. She came to Digital Works – Reeb Avenue Center in Columbus looking for a flexible employment opportunity that met her needs while giving her advancement opportunity.

Cheryl has years of customer service experience working in medical claims and operating a childcare business. She also has a strong educational background, with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development. Cheryl is on track to graduate this summer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management and Social Work.

Despite her experience and education, Cheryl found herself in need of employment.

“I wanted to get back into working again after not working for years due to a long-term disability,” said Cheryl.

Digital Works offers employment opportunities with more than 60 national employers. Many of these positions have flexible work schedules or work-from-home options that make holding a full-time job a reality for those with limitations from a disability.

“I also updated my customer service experience with the Digital Works training,” added Cheryl.

Cheryl graduated the Digital Works program on the first of June and just days later was hired to work in JCPenney’s online customer care team. Cheryl is happy to have full-time employment with benefits eligibility and career advancement opportunities with this national brand.

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