Local Partnership Provides Basic Technology Training for Adults

Digital Works in Gallipolis, Ohio, has teamed up with the Gallia County Department of Job & Family Services to provide area adults with digital literacy and basic communication training. The partnership offers technology exposure as a gateway to increased adoption of technology, and in turn, improving employment options, workforce marketability, and the many other areas in which computer and Internet knowledge improves daily life.

The new digital literacy program, called Digital Works 101, is made available to eligible adults through the Gallia County JFS and takes place at the Digital Works – Gallipolis facility for a few hours each week. The Digital Works facility is located at 859 3rd Avenue.

“The students have been fun to work with and they are eager to learn to use technology,” said Sherri Shaw, Digital Works facilitator. “I’ve had the privilege of training more than 100 adults here in Gallipolis on using the computer and Internet for online job opportunities. For Digital Works 101, we’re able to offer the basic introduction to technology to lead to those next steps.”

Digital Works Facilitator Sherri Shaw pictured with 3 Digital Works 101 class participants.

Digital Works Facilitator Sherri Shaw pictured with Digital Works 101 class participants.

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