From the Trenches: Celebrating the Simple Things

(From left to right) Robert Trussell, Kelsey Hallowell, Heather Collin and Maranda Lee graduated in October 2017 after going through the Digital Works program in Newaygo, MI.

We all look forward to celebrating the Big Stuff- the milestones in life that demand pomp and circumstance- the weddings, the births, the graduations.  The Big Stuff.

So it makes sense that at Digital Works we celebrate the graduations and the jobs.  Here in Newaygo, Michigan, we celebrate each class that completes training with a certificate, photographs, and pizza.  There are also facebook posts, emails to former students, and quite often a press release resulting in media coverage.  We, too, like to celebrate the Big Stuff.

But it isn’t just about the Big Stuff.  At Digital Works we commemorate the seemingly simple things.  We celebrate when a struggling typist finally hits the magical 32 words per minute required to pass the course.

We celebrate when a painfully shy class member shows the confidence to take a lead in a role-playing activity, or just volunteers to read first.  We celebrate when each participant passes the state abbreviation and phonetic alphabet quizzes.

We celebrate because we become a family, and each member of the Digital works family matters.  In four short weeks, we evolve from a group of strangers to a family that celebrates the Big Stuff and mourns the Other Big Stuff together.  But we also celebrate the simple stuff, because these day-to-day regular accomplishments are often what make the Big Stuff possible.

So if you think you don’t have what it takes, think again.  Step-by-step, day-by-day, you will find yourself hitting goals that you may never have thought possible.  And we will Celebrate.

About the author: Colleen Buckley is the Special Projects Manager and Digital Works Facilitator at The Stream in Newaygo, Michigan.  She holds a BA in English and Communications from The University of Michigan and has worked in several industries in a teaching/mentoring capacity.  You may contact Colleen at .


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