Student Spotlight: Sarah McBride

Digital Works is happy to introduce Sarah!

Fort Campbell, KY. (February 25, 2020) – Sarah is a mom of two kids and has been a military spouse for nearly fifteen years. She has been in the Fort Campbell area for almost three years, most of which she spent applying for jobs all over the area and even working with local career centers. After two years, Sarah had reached a point of defeat. Despite her 17-plus years of experience in the workforce, she could not get an employer to commit to her.

“It is difficult to find a company that understands the lifestyle of the military,” Sarah said, opening up about her struggles with finding employment. “There is a certain amount of flexibility we need as spouses in order to support our families and service members. I think this is absolutely one of the main reasons it is so hard to find and establish a career as a military spouse.”

During another round of applications and searching, Sarah was referred to the new Fort Campbell Digital Works program by a career specialist. After years of hoping, Sarah was preparing herself for yet another dead end.

“You get to a point where you wonder what is happening out in the world. I am not a fresh young kid trying my hand out in the world. I am older and experienced, having worked my entire adult life in one way or another. It is exhausting to keep up the search when you feel like there is no end in sight. The day my offer letter came in for the Digital Works program, I breathed for the first time in years. This was an acceptance for me after so many failed attempts at success.”

Training is well underway with each day of class focusing on new techniques, tips, and concepts for the students. Sarah was shocked with how much she is learning each day.

“When you’ve worked as long as I have in customer service, you really think you understand it all already. Smile, be kind, and keep the customer happy. It’s really been amazing each day because I am learning so much more than I expected I would. Any doubts I previously may have had about the need for the training program are gone. Now I show up to every class anxious to see what I will learn that day, how it will further my knowledge of the things I already know, and ready for the new ways they will challenge me to be better.”

All in all, Sarah is beyond excited to get through the program and find her place in the workforce. “One of the most important jobs I have in this world is supporting my husband and his career. Not everyone can serve their country, and I know the sacrifices he makes on a regular basis. I never want him to worry about whether or not I have his back. With that being said, it is really important for me to support myself as well. Working gives me purpose outside of being a wife and mom while helping me to provide needed resources for our family. It has been so difficult to establish my own career and work towards my goals as a spouse. Digital Works is changing that for me. It is changing that for everyone who wants to find their own purpose.”

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