Labor Day: The Modern American Worker

Labor Day is a time to appreciate and acknowledge the American worker for social and economic achievements. On Monday, September 4, workers across America will celebrate their hard work and job placement. Connected Nation’s Digital Works program will be celebrating as well. Digital Works has brought a network of employers with twenty-first century job positions into any neighborhood—identifying and preparing applicants for job placement in a solopreneur community that provides sustained support for continued success.


Graduate, Faye Saldana

Graduate, Faye Saldana

Digital Works graduates will be celebrating their achievements this Labor Day. Graduate Faye Saldana (pictured left) said, “The job I received after my training has let me do more than I could have working at a brick and mortar job. I could be my husband’s support while he was in the hospital.”


With a telework job, Saldana could care for her husband and still earn an income in the comfort of her home. She became the temporary provider for her family while her husband was recovering from an accident. Soon after beginning her new career in telework, thanks to her training from Digital Works, she was able to buy her dream car and take a cruise vacation with her family.


“Teleworkers and solopreneurs are the fastest growing segment of the workforce, yet there are few scalable or credible, public or private programs available to educate prospective workers about the vast opportunities, train them on the unique skills required, identify legitimate employers and positions, and provide an ongoing ecosystem of mentorship and career development,” said Stu Johnson, Connected Nation’s Vice President of Digital Works.


Luckily, Digital Works has empowered and trained people looking for telework positions and gives people the freedom to expand their search for job opportunities.


Larry Steward - Gallipolis graduate

Larry Steward – Gallipolis graduate

Digital Works graduate Larry Steward was retired but he still had the ability and determination to work for his own money. “Digital Works is a great idea and a great concept. I can work part-time after retirement and still gain some sort of income for my wife and me,” Steward said.


Saldana, Steward, and other Digital Works graduates will celebrate this Labor Day and their ability to work from the comfort of their own home or from a telework center.


They are happy to be a part of such a fast-growing work segment in America and carry the necessary skills to succeed and earn a living in their newfound career path, thanks to Digital Works.


To learn more about Digital Works, head to If you are looking for a job and interested in training with Digital Works, click here. If you are an employer interested in partnering with Digital Works, click here. If you are a community looking to bring Digital Works to your area, click here.

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