Graduate Spotlight: Dawn Ausema

Dawn Ausema, of Grant, Michigan, was in search of a career that would allow her to work from home with flexible hours when she read about Digital Works in the local weekly newspaper. At that time she was working a bricks-and-mortar job in the customer service arena but wanted a schedule with more flexibility than what her employer could offer.


“I like helping people with their problems or concerns and have a strong background in customer service. This program looked like it was exactly what I had spent 10 years searching for,” said Dawn.


Dawn Ausema at Digital Works facility in Newaygo, Michigan.

Dawn Ausema at Digital Works facility in Newaygo, Michigan.

In April, 2017, she was part of the very first Digital Works class at The Stream in Newaygo and very quickly found employment with three different teleworking jobs following her graduation. Dawn is currently working for NexRep and recently earned her first “adult paycheck.”


The most exciting part of the process, according to Dawn, is that “for a long time I was contributing to my family’s well-being physically, but now I can also contribute financially.”

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