Graduate Spotlight – Theodora A.

Theodora has worked in the tourism and hospitality industry in northern Michigan for forty years. Thetheodora1 industry is seasonal, calling for long shifts during the summer and being on unemployment during winter months. Theodora’s been ready to find full-time, yearlong employment for some time and a year ago, she began working toward a college degree in behavioral finance.

Theodora came to Digital Works – Cheboygan for the opportunity to find steady employment that was flexible with her college course load while offering a good income.

She began training in May 2016 and excelled through the program quickly. Theodora’s years of customer service experience and working with the public regularly gave her a strong base to build her new online support training from. And that experience did not go unnoticed by Digital Works employer partners. Just two months later, Theodora was hired by Concentrix as a Tech Support Advisor for a major computer and technology company!

“I’m very excited for this opportunity,” said Theodora. “My sense is if a person is willing to put in the effort, there is tremendous room for advancement.”

The position allows her to work from her home office, offers paid training, sent her new computer products to work from, W-2 employment with 401K and benefits, and incentives and advancement opportunities. Theodora is also excited for the comprehensive furthering education programs the company provides at no cost to their associates.

“Having spent the better part of my adult life caught in the seasonal Mackinaw summer job/winter unemployment loop and the despair that generates, I am unspeakably grateful to Digital Works, the facilitator, Christi Cross, and all the supporting partners who make this option a possibility for anyone either wanting a better way to make a living or willing to hunker down and work for a future containing more hope and less stress. This is a blessing for northern Michigan.”

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