Graduate Spotlight – John R.

John is in his twenties and lives in Columbus, Ohio. After working for a large home improvement retailer, then as a caregiver for a regional healthcare organization, he found himself looking for a professional opportunity that offered flexibility and growth.


John had been unemployed for a short time before he joined the Digital Works program at the Reeb Avenue Center in June 2016. He had enjoyed the customer service aspect of his past jobs, and he knew it would help him succeed at the various career options available through Digital Works. But John was drawn to the program by the work-from-home opportunities and a desire to work in tech support.


John graduated the Digital Works program in July and was quickly hired by Concentrix. Through this company, John is a tech support representative for a major computer and technology company and working from his home office. He says he is excited at the many doors this opportunity may open for him.


John Ratliff working at computer 3

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