Graduate Spotlight: Samantha R.

Fort Campbell, KY (September 24, 2021) – It’s clear that Digital Works graduates are the foundation of the program, but those who have taken classes through the Fort Campbell, Kentucky hub, perhaps, hold a special place in the life of Digital Works. That’s because most are military spouses or veterans and have served the country in one way or another. 

Digital Works’ team has witnessed firsthand that graduates with a military background have a unique grit, resilience, and determination that is unwavering and because of that, they thrive in just about any environment, and the workplace is no exception.

Samantha R.

Samantha R.

Samantha understands the unique hardships that go along with being a military spouse, mom, and provider. She and her family lived in Germany and before they moved to Fort Campbell, she began preparing for the move.

“During our three years stationed in Germany it was hard to find employment on post and even harder off post considering that while I am fluent in German, I wasn’t as fluent as I needed to be to work in the economy,” she said. “When I found out we were moving back to Fort Campbell, I started joining the spouse Facebook pages. On one of the pages, I kept seeing a posting for Digital Works and started doing some research. I saw the same post again within a couple days of being back stateside and decided to reach out and get more information.”

Samantha says what interested her the most was that Digital works that provided job placement for remote positives—something that would make it easier to run the household. 

“I had two kids in school and was already trying to find a job that would allow me the flexibility to work around my kids’ schedules,” she explained. 

She says most important skill gained from the program was learning to create a professional resume that showcased her volunteer work and eliminated gaps in her work history. Samantha says she also graduated from the program with a better understanding of time management and how to be more flexible.

Samantha is now working for GS2Global and says, “I absolutely love it, I am very thankful to the DW program and Connected Nation for providing the opportunity to work with such an amazing company. The flexibility is amazing and when I was called about the opportunity after submitting my resume, it was made clear that Mr. Hedges understands the challenges that a lot of military spouses face when in comes to a career, we just want to help provide for our families!”

“Working from home has been a huge help to myself and my family by allowing me to have a flexible schedule to accommodate for my kids. They’re not missing out on opportunities just because dad is training, and mom has to work.”

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