Graduate Spotlight – Larry H.

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Larry worked in administration for law firms for more than 30 years and has managed his own small business in that industry for the past 10 years. But he was ready for a change. He closed his small business and began looking for his next career. Larry heard about Digital Works through a career transition group at his church. He began the program at the Reeb Avenue Center facility in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated the program at the end of January 2016.

Larry was immediately hired by a local call center taking telephone reservations for a well-known hospitality and lodging company. He works at a bricks and mortar call center, with an opportunity to work at home following a 90-day onboarding period. The position is W2 with benefits eligibility.

“I thrive on the energy of others—the social aspect of an office environment,” said Larry. “I prefer the call center, but I may work from home in the future.”

Recently, Larry stopped by the Digital Works – Reeb Avenue Center facility to speak with current trainees about his work opportunity and how the training helped prepare him for the job.

“There was a 5-day paid training period offered by the employer that you take as soon as you are hire,” Larry shared. “I noticed it was inadequate for those in my training group who had never worked in a job like that before. Digital Works prepared me for the job. Only 4 of the 16 in my employer’s training group are still working for the company, myself included.”

Larry also shared with the Digital Works trainees that listening is the most important part of the job. He explained to offer top-notch customer care, you must listen closely to the caller, be nice and courteous, and take control of the calls.

“This is a great opportunity and I’m enjoying it. It’s complicated enough to be fun, but simple enough that I can do it,” said Larry.

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