Graduate Spotlight – Hallie C.

Hallie is a retired grade school teacher living in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. For more than 6 months she had been looking for a flexible work opportunity to supplement income but hadn’t found a good fit.

“I enjoy volunteering at my church—in the kitchen and in the office. I love to quilt, garden, and read, and I have a dog at home. Therefore, the possibility of working from home with a flexible schedule and saving expenses on my car, gasoline, clothing, and travel time appealed to me.”

Hallie was referred to Digital Works in Columbus, Ohio, by New Directions Career Center.

“Initially, I was intimidated about needing computer skills and having to meet performance goals,” said Hallie.

Prior to beginning Digital Works training, Hallie had limited knowledge of operating a computer. She gained basic digital literacy skills through Digital Works’ free online training portal Drive Your Learning. This gave her the confidence she needed to continue the training program and made the idea of working on a computer and using the Internet everyday a reality for Hallie.

Hallie excelled in her Digital Works training class, which she completed at the end of April 2016. In just a few weeks, she accepted a full-time position with JCPenney as a customer care representative. Hallie is excited to start her new career with JCPenney. Though it is not a work-from-home position, she is pleased with the flexible scheduling and the array of benefits and advancement opportunities the company offers. Hallie felt more comfortable building her new career in a bricks-and-mortar, traditional workplace environment.

Congratulations, Hallie!

Hallie Carroll

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