Graduate Spotlight – Katie

UPDATE: In late-March, Katie was offered a management role as a Team Lead with her current employer, ViaSource. The position would include a full-time schedule and a pay increase to boot! Congratulations to Katie.


Facing unemployment and an uncertain future, Katie Crisp came to Digital Works in July of 2015. She completed her training just two months later, in September 2015, and was placed in a seasonal W-2 position with Sutherland Cloud Source at $9/hour. In December of 2016, Katie began working in a 1099 position at ViaSource Solutions for $9.50/hour.

032017 Katie 2

“Thanks to Digital Works, I was able to work from their work center until I saved enough money for my home office and Internet service. Now I can work from home! My not having a vehicle or driver’s license makes this an even bigger blessing!” shared Katie. She recently achieved her 90-day employment milestone with ViaSource. But wait, there’s more!

In mid-March, Katie was contacted by another work-at-home employer, notifying her that her application had been accepted and advising her to complete their next steps. After careful consideration, Katie determined it was seasonal employment, so she would be better to stay with her current position. Katie said, “I actually got to pass up a job opportunity!!! It was a great feeling!”

Congratulations, Katie!</032017 Katie 1

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