Graduate Spotlight: How Digital Works is Helping One Single Mother

Jen Sherwood, of Newaygo, Michigan, is a single mother with two school-age children, one of whom has severe health issues, and she was in search of a flexible job that will allow her to care for her children while earning a living.

Her father encouraged her to consider Digital Works, and she was part of a class that began in August of this year. She excelled during training and was able to step in to substitute for the training facilitator when other duties called her away from the class.

While Sherwood had been a good high school student with excellent test scores, she had no further education, and because she was a stay-at-home mother, she did not have any work experience to include on a resume.  According to Jen this was not a problem.

Jen Sherwood, of Newaygo, MI will have the flexibility to spend time with her children when she begins work for Amazon in November.

“The resume modules showed me how to highlight actual skills that I have learned through my volunteer work. And with my son’s health issues, I’ve gotten really good at organizing, delivering medications, and advocating for his care, so I included those skills without having to show actual paid work experience,” she said.

Just a few weeks after completing the class she was hired by Amazon and will begin training with them in early November. She will be working from a cubicle at The Stream, a co-working space located near her home and her children’s school in Newaygo.

“The Digital Works program has given me an opportunity to be a full-time mom and earn a full-time paycheck!” said Sherwood.

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