From the Trenches: Managing Everyday Stress (Part Two)

Stress less at work! You are in charge of your success. Build your skill set and set aside time to worry. Practice counting to 10 to help diffuse your stress. Don’t dwell on stressful events from the past—and get professional help if needed.

More ideas to help you manage your everyday stress:

  • Get involved (join a group or volunteer)
  • Stop procrastinating and avoid rushing
  • Incorporate relaxation techniques
  • Laugh—it is one of the best ways to reduce stress
  • Remove negativity from your thoughts

Some stress is good! Good stress is vital to performing your best. When you feel motivated to work hard, excel, win, or get ahead, you’re experiencing good stress.

However, when those feelings take over your life in a negative way, health problems can result. Don’t aim to live a stress-free life. Instead, learn to be happy, confident, and satisfied with who you are.

About the author: Tammy Spring serves as Digital Works’ Operations Manager. She oversees the program nationally, assisting students, graduates, and program facilitators across the country. If you’d like to contact Tammy, e-mail her at or call her at (740) 603-7323.

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