Digital Works Supporting Veterans

It is an honor to write today on such an important national holiday. Memorial Day is a time for reflection, to honor those who have sacrificed their lives and express our gratitude to those who continue to fight for our freedoms at home and abroad.

Digital Works and Connect Ohio are proud to honor our servicemen and women. Digital Works would personally like to thank the 31 veterans currently participating in our program: Leonard J., Henry H., William K., Anthony P., Colin J., Robert B., Daniel B., Benjamin P., Peter N., Colton W., Wendy V., Patrick R., Sharon S., Mary K., David I., Tena C., Jessica L., Clarence M. Jr., Douglas T., Kory B., Daniel B., Marilyn H., Benny C., Jeffrey W., Todd H., Kenneth K., Kyle U., James L., William C., Steven B., and Darlene B. Thank you to all, and your families, for your service to our country.

Digital Works trains employees to work at home or in our facilities, and enables veterans and/or military families the opportunity to telework wherever their lives may take them. The flexible instruction and job placement opportunities aim to secure work quickly for participants, while providing ongoing training and mentorship for advanced technology-based careers.

As we enjoy our BBQs and quality time with our families this weekend, it is important to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. Please find time to thank a veteran and their family.

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