Digital Works Student Spotlight: Stefani Burrage

Fort Campbell, Ky (April 22, 2020) – The Fort Campbell Digital Works program has gone VIRTUAL during the COVID-19 crisis, but we are still offering the same opportunities to our community to get work-from-home training and placement assistance. Our most recent class has 13 students who have just finished their training and are now applying for jobs.

Stefani Burrage is one of those recent graduates! Stefani is a military spouse, and she and her husband have been living this military life for over 14 years. If anyone understands the struggle of moving all over the world while trying to maintain employment, it’s her.

“Being stationed in five different duty stations, moving into more houses than I can keep track of, plus not staying at any duty station longer than three years at a time has made keeping good employment and building a career very hard,” she says.

Stefani is a mother to three awesome kiddos ranging in age from 5-17 years old. As much as she loves spending her days with her children, Stefani is ready to get back into the workforce, focus on building her career, and gain some purpose outside of the home.

“To have a job that I can take anywhere we move to and that will help me help my family out with finances makes me feel so accomplished. I will not only be able to help provide, but I will also be able to still be there for my family, and that makes this such an amazing opportunity.”

When she found out that being bilingual could actually boost her chances at finding remote work, she was thrilled. By working from home and providing long-distance customer service, she can help people from all over the country, and speaking both English and Spanish fluently will help her be even more successful.

The Digital Works program has been a huge help for her as she navigates the world of remote work. It can be difficult to find the perfect job, regardless of what industry you are looking in, but telework jobs are even more difficult to find. With the training and job placement assistance she receives with DW, she can find legit companies to apply to and find the job that will move from point A to point B with her as she continues to support her husband in his military career.

“This Digital Works program has really opened up my eyes in so many ways. I had no idea that work-from-home would be possible. Jessica Golson has been so wonderful and helpful. She explains things in a way that made it so easy for me to understand. Not to mention she had amazing tips for making my résumé look like something an employer would actually look at considering all the gaps I had in my employment history. I will forever be thankful for her and the rest of the team for everything they have done for me.”



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