Digital Works in Newaygo: Why these programs need more internet access

Connecting rural communities to high-speed internet with reasonable costs is important—especially in areas such as Newaygo, Michigan, where the most recent Digital Works site launched. Digital Works Vice President, Stu Johnson, talked with Foster Braun and his team on the podcast, Internet Advisor. They discussed why rural areas and digital programs need high-speed internet connectivity and how missions such as Microsoft’s Rural Broadband Initiative can help.


Digital Works Vice President, Stu Johnson.

Digital Works Vice President, Stu Johnson

“Until we get more and more robust broadband, it’s going to be a challenge to provide people with the maximum opportunity of companies to work from home for,” said Johnson on Internet Advisor.


Luckily, the Newaygo Digital Works center has a fiber connection, but until there is coverage for all people in such a rural town these people will be on the wrong side of the Digital Divide. Microsoft wants to promote high-speed internet to areas like Newaygo. To make a significant impact in rural America, programs such as Digital Works are developing the adoption and use aspects of broadband for residents and their future jobs.


Inside the Digital Works center in Newaygo

Inside the Digital Works center in Newaygo

“We can create jobs from platinum employers and bring them to your community and create payroll revenue,” said Johnson. “But, this can only be done with high-speed internet availability.”


Click here and listen to Stu Johnson on Internet Advisor.


About the Author: Rachel O’Morrow is a junior studying strategic communication at Ohio University in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Rachel’s areas of interests are public relations, digital marketing, as well as creating branded content. She writes for several Ohio University campus publications and is a Creative Head for the student-led public relations and advertising firm to help businesses reach their audience.

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