Digital Works Candidates Shine at LiveOps Roadshow

On June 27, the LiveOps Roadshow came to Dayton, Ohio. This particular company is important to the Digital Works team due to the nature of the work they provide. Many of the Digital Works graduates look for jobs that would allow them to work from home or from a Digital Works facility. This is a benefit for parents and those without transportation, as working from home is one of a very limited number of options for them.


LiveOps provides overflow call services to various organizations. The roadshow allows LiveOps management to connect in person with LiveOps agents—the employees who take the phone calls. It is important that the two groups are able to understand common goals and strive for further cooperation moving forward.


LiveOps Roadshow table

LiveOps Roadshow table

“The best part of the evening was that our Digital Works work force was well received and continued to receive praise for their excellent work,” said Heather Davis, Digital Works Virtual Facilitator.


While at the roadshow, Digital Works staff members Heather Davis, Tammy Spring, and Sherri Shaw were able to speak with the CEO of LiveOps and discuss further cooperation between LiveOps and Digital Works. “We’re looking to improve our conversion-to-hire rate and increase the volume of agents hired,” said Davis. The hope is to move toward an agreement where Digital Works candidates are directly referred to LiveOps, leading to a high chance for employment.


Through this agreement, LiveOps is hoping to reduce the cost of background checks and drug screenings, which would be a major relief for the candidates, as many of them are from low-income households and often cannot afford the self-paid cost of these pre-employment screenings.


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