Digital Works Graduates February/March 2020

Fort Campbell, Ky. (March 23, 2020) – Digital Works has recently finished up it’s first two classes at the Fort Campbell location. Here are the names of each student and the date they graduated. Congratulations!

Full Name Training Graduation Date
Sonia Avila 2/24/20
Chantel Cooke 2/24/20
Samantha Filbey 2/24/20
Cameron Hankins 2/24/20
Sarah McBride 2/24/20
Denise Medeiros 2/24/20
Jessica Romey 2/24/20
Shelby Shields 2/24/20
Lindsay Thompson 2/24/20
Carrie Bluett 3/20/20
Kristine Cameron 3/20/20
Jennifer Clemons 3/20/20
Lizmarie Morales-Ortiz 3/20/20
Alvia Richard 3/20/20
Kristen Thompson 3/20/20
Michelle Turcanu 3/20/20
Brandon Wilhelm 3/20/20


Remote job placements for each student!

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