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Digital Works Logan, Patsy Krannitz

After a few weeks into the training program, Patsy Krannitz had concerns that she may had bitten off more than she could chew. Although she had many years of customer service experience, she was uncertain she would be able to learn new things at this point in her life. Digital Works facilitator Tammy Spring worked with Patsy to move her forward in completing the training course. Patsy was able to secure employment through the Digital Works program and started taking her first paying calls on October 18.

“We couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments or happier for her success,” said Spring. “During the last session of training Patsy really started to excel and became a natural. I am proud of her for sticking with the program and finishing the training.”

Digital Works Zanesville, Angie Saxton

Angie Saxton became aware of the Digital Works program when it was presented to an administrative office assistant class she was taking at the local vocational school in Zanesville. Saxton showed immediate interest in the program and started the Digital Works program on October 3. Taking to the training program quickly, Saxton was able to complete the onboarding by October 31 and was able to start taking live calls from the center the first week of November.

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