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Fort Campbell, KY – (January 28, 2021) – January 2021 has seen the Digital Works program continue its mission to support our military community members and veterans on their journey into the remote work industry. This month marks the 12thclass out of the Fort Campbell, Ky. area hub, and will end in February, leaving us with 90 graduates since we started our first class in February 2020. In the last year, our desire to improve the lives and opportunities for military spouses, veterans, and veteran spouses has grown with each graduating class. For so many members of this community, finding a career where they can not only succeed, but be comfortable and satisfied, is an ever-present challenge.

“As a military spouse and a mom, I was always looking for a job that would help me be fulfilled outside of the home but also gave me the flexibility to not miss the important moments in my home,” said Claire Brown, current student of the FC DW Class No. 12. “I heard about Digital Works through my husband’s friend whose wife is a former graduate. I was unsure what to expect, truthfully, but I did feel a bit intimidated about seeking employment after being a stay-at-home mom the last seven years. Instead, Jessica has created an environment that I am confident will help me be successful in these new endeavors. She brings such life to the class and it has given me such hope for my own success.”

January Class

This story is all too common amongst the military spouse population. Moving every few years, living with deployments and long training stints while service members are away, and raising families far away from established support systems means finding, and keeping, employment is nearly impossible. After a few years of unemployment, however, getting back into the workforce is even more intimidating than it was before.

“I would absolutely recommend this program to someone else,” Brown states. “I would encourage them to take a leap of faith and know that Digital Works wants to see you succeed and will do what is necessary to help you achieve your goals. This experience has given me confidence in myself about returning to the workplace without worrying about how soon I will have to move or how I will manage when the next deployment comes. Digital Works gives military spouses options to support our spouses while also building a career and not missing the most important things in life.”

Many spouses and veterans seek higher education to fill their unemployment gaps, thinking that time in school will substitute for time out of work. While pursuing education is a great asset to an individual’s résumé, life, and career, most employers still see time out of work as an employment gap, and this can greatly hurt the job search. One of the amazing things about both Digital Works training program and the remote work employment opportunities we recommend is the ability to have the best of both worlds, without being overwhelmed. Class No. 12 student Gabby Koski is taking full advantage of this element!

“I received my associate’s degree before moving to Clarksville/Fort Campbell. After my arrival, I began working on my bachelor’s degree. I soon realized that I wanted to switch majors. As I’m still unsure, I decided that I would like to work from home while I consider my options. Additionally, I would like a job that can move with the military lifestyle.” Koski says she is grateful to have the flexibility of a remote work life to pair with her schooling path. As she navigates the waters, working on her long-term career and education goals, DW is here to help get her through the rough patches and keep those employment gaps to a minimum.

“I heard about Digital Works through a military spouse page on Facebook. I was expecting a mundane online class. Jess completely exceeded my expectations! The class is a fun and safe environment to learn and discuss what it is like to work from home.” Despite having plans outside of the telework industry for her future goals, Koski sees the value in the program, regardless of what your next steps are. “When I recommend this program to someone else, I will tell them that the skills you learn are universal. Even if you decide that remote work isn’t for you, I can guarantee that you’ll still gain something from this class.”

Amber Finney, another active class member, is new to the military life. She has spent a great deal of time learning whatever she can by word of mouth and fellow spouses. When she was browsing through social media posts, she came across something that sparked her interest. “I’m in a military spouse support group on Facebook,” Finney says. “I was so excited when a lady shared her learning experience from the Digital Works class with us.” Hearing about the opportunity from someone who has been there and succeeded really influenced Finney in her decision. “This spouse had found a successful career after completion of the program. When I recommend someone to this program, I will share with them like someone shared with me. Not only are you gaining skills for a successful future in your career, you are also gaining a team of supportive people that help you in your next step into a lifelong career.”

Digital Works is more than a training class. It is more than a chance to find legitimate, verified remote work opportunities. The Digital Works family is just that, a family. A village. A support system for those who need it most within a community of people who understand the walk of life the other is leading. We truly care for our students and want the best for them and their families in every way.

Are you looking for your community? A chance to gain employment with leading remote work industries and an awesome support system to boot?

Register at: today (Location- Fort Campbell KY area). We would love to welcome you into our family!

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