Digital Works Class IV

Fort Campbell, Ky (May 19, 2020) –The Fort Campbell Digital Works program recently wrapped up its fourth class! With the COVID-19 pandemic going on around us, switching our curriculum to a virtually delivered platform has proven to be very beneficial to our military families. Our students are able to secure necessary training, including typing skills, communication techniques, résumé building, and interview tips, while staying safe in their own homes.

Class IV was smaller than our previous classes, with only four students. Despite the decreased class size, however, Class IV students still received all of the same training and benefits. In many ways, fewer students offered more opportunity for facilitator Jess Golson to work independently with each student to ensure success.

“We had a unique range of students this time around,” Jess says. “On one hand, one member is a spouse to a retired veteran, having served alongside him for over 20 years. On the other hand, the youngest student in that class is just starting her military spouse career and her sponsor hasn’t even left for basic training yet due to COVID-19. There are so many different walks of life in this military world, and it is always interesting to see the different paths our students have travelled.”

One of the features of the Digital Works program that sets us apart from so many others is the community building and mentoring mission built into everything we do. Our students not only receive individualized guidance from their facilitator and staff, but they are also linked up with previous graduates who can offer one-of-a-kind insight into vendors, daily work expectations, equipment requirements, interview strategies, and so much more.

“My goal is to get to a place where my students just don’t need me anymore,” Golson says. “Sure, I want them to know I am always going to be here for them, but I love to see them starting to rely on each other for guidance. We are only a few classes into our program here, and I have already witnessed so many incredible moments where graduates have reached out to help incoming students prepare for classes, aide in making decisions on internet upgrades and providers, and even set up outings prior to COVID-19 to help build strong family bonds. It is simply amazing. I already miss every one of my students, but it is encouraging to see them go out on their own and still have the support of their own little Digital Works village right here. It’s just going to keep on going and growing!”

Class IV has finished and four new members have joined our group of graduates, now up to 34 in less than four months. COVID-19 has put a damper on so many things, but this program and these students are determined to make it work and it shows! Congratulations to Class IV — we can’t wait to see what you’re going to do!

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