Digital Works career readiness program helps military spouses tackle unemployment

Fort Campbell, KY (July 20, 2022) — The results are in! Employment-related issues remain a chief concern for military-affiliated families. The Blue Star Families 2021 Military Family Lifestyle Survey results, published earlier this year, indicate that military spouse employment is the top issue affecting military families, and military spouses face unemployment rates that are four times the national average.

There are many organizations focused on addressing employment issues for transitioning service members, active-duty military spouses, veterans, and veteran spouses. Connected Nation is proud to be one of them. 

Military Spouse Employment

Military Spouse Employment

Organizations that make it their mission to address these concerns tend to complement one another rather than compete. There are opportunities for certifications, mentorship programs, employment assistance, job-placement pathways, and a full range of training programs — from entry-level to C-level leadership, and everything in between. 

Unique barriers faced by active-duty, military-affiliated job seekers include frequent moves; lack of accessible, trustworthy, and affordable childcare; and disrupted career pathways. A common barrier for veteran spouses is the issue of underemployment. Once they settle in the location where they plan to stay long term, they find themselves playing catch-up to those who were able to prioritize career progression with the continuity of a single location, employer, and/or educational program. The sense of starting over can be overwhelming. Thankfully, resilience and adaptability are skills found in abundance in the military community.

As with any job search, a key indicator of success will always be effort on behalf of the job seeker, and that couldn’t be truer for military-affiliated candidates. Our Digital Works program participants are introduced to a variety of organizations and opportunities to continue professional development as active job seekers, both now and far into the future. 

Take on the challenge. Cast a wide net of resources, network whenever possible, and accept help! To learn more or sign up for our next Digital Works class, visit

About the Author: Melissa Anderson is the Facilitator and Development Coordinator for the Fort Campbell Digital Works program (a Connected Nation Initiative). She brings more than 18 years of employment and volunteer experience with remote work environments, training, and development as well as a master’s degree in Training & Development and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior. She is an active-duty Army spouse who enjoys everything associated with books, reading, and learning and she’s passionate about supporting the military family community.

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