Video: Digital Works Advancement – Go Beyond the Entry Level

By Lyndsey Kleven


One aspect that makes Digital Works unique is the degree of advancement opportunities that it provides for its participants. Digital Works thrives when participants choose to embrace these opportunities.

The entry-level position guaranteed upon completion of the initial training program is the level-one opportunity, consisting of taking incoming customer service calls for a multitude of various businesses. Stemming from this opportunity, the level-two position puts candidates working on dedicated phone lines for specific companies.

“I do like the idea of being dedicated to certain companies, that way I know when the calls come in and I know who the call is from, and what kind of customers I’m going to be talking to,” said Faye Saldana, Digital Works Logan participant. “Right now I’m qualified as a dedicated person, and I enjoy doing that.”

Using a digital learning model, the Digital Works program trains, places, and mentors high-quality business process candidates with further variations for advancement into more technical jobs.

“The Digital Works program is built around the idea of career advancement; we expect a large portion of participants to want to progress beyond the first entry level position that we get them,” said Stu Johnson, executive director of Connect Ohio. “The Digital Works program trains Ohioans for new positions by teaching these computer skills, allowing for many different avenues of advancement.”

“The training is awesome. I’m someone that likes to learn new things and it really worked for me. I’d like to try get qualified to work for a couple more companies as a dedicated person,” said Saldana.

A piece of sustainability for the Digital Works program is based on employee pursuing more training to enter specialized telecommuting fields. Beyond the level-two opportunity higher levels of the program prepare participants in fields such as IT, code writing, and technical writing.

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