Veteran Exceeds Expectations at Digital Works

Written by Zach Gerhardt

Kory Benedict has become an example of how the Digital Works training and job program is changing lives. He has taken every opportunity that Digital Works offers and capitalized greatly on it. He is a veteran, single dad, full-time student, and Digital Works West Union’s newest facilitator. The leadership and mentoring skills Benedict demonstrated are what made him a natural fit when the facilitator position became available.

“Digital Works presents me with the flexibility to do what I want,” Benedict said.

 “I am my own boss. If I need to watch my kids or study for a test, I can because Digital Works gives me that freedom.”

Benedict served in the Army for five years working in satellite communications. After serving, Kory held a few sales and customer service positions, but wanted to invest time into his passion of agriculture. After his time in the Army, Benedict started a small sustainable farm but was still looking for a way to make a stable income.

Once he arrived at Digital Works as a participant, he was speeding through the training and curriculum. It only took him a few weeks to become a certified agent and soon after moved to a level 2 advanced position where he started working on dedicated committed lines. Benedict says that the Digital Works’ training has helped him succeed in other areas of his life, such as pursuing higher education — he is currently enrolled at Liberty University where he is studying Religion and Theology.

Unlike some participants who come to Digital Works, Benedict had vast experience in digital technology. Even though he is “tech savvy” he still applauds the training and program for polishing his skills. Digital Works has also helped other facets of his life.

“Working from home not only helped me take care of my kids but it gives me more time and money for school. I can study and work in the same area, thereby cutting down on time,” Benedict said. “Digital Works puts your life back in your hands. If you want to work 60 hours a week, you can. If you want to work 10 hours a week, you can. Your income is only held back by your ambition.”

As Benedict transitions from participant to the site’s new facilitator, he already is enjoying reaching out into the community and helping people. He says that Digital Works has helped him empathize with others and he tries to present others with this opportunity.

Benedict said he has grown closer with everyone at Digital Works. They face struggles together, but they also succeed together. Although Benedict said he and others at Digital Works have hit speed bumps along the way, he now is given the chance to mentor participants through the program.

Benedict says, “Digital Works can be a family.”

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