The future of remote work: A look inside the fastest-growing industry in the U.S.

Fort Campbell, KY (June 28, 2021) – School is out for the summer, the world around us is opening back up, and many people are taking a deep breath of the fresh air around them as we attempt to return to some version of our old normal. For many, this means finding their place back in the workforce after months and months of unemployment caused by local business shutdowns, temporary layoffs, and fear of catching or spreading the coronavirus.

While many of our previous day-to-day activities and routines are finally shifting back toward what we once knew, so much has changed. One of the most notable changes we are seeing is in the workforce and the future of employment all across the globe. Jobs that were once recognized as mundane have become essential, and careers that would have kept us away from home long hours each day have taken on a remote element, allowing for more time with our families.

Working From Home

Working From Home

“Remote work is here to stay; every article you read these days regarding the workforce will tell you the same,” said Jessica Golson, Digital Works facilitator. “With so many people refusing to return to their offices, still afraid of exposure or simply accustomed to their new working environments and flexibility, companies that refuse to budge or allow even hybrid work are going to suffer and struggle to keep reliable staff.”

Golson has been working with the graduates from the Digital Works program outside of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for a year-and-a-half now and says the need for remote employees grows each day.

“The truth is, there is a need for employees across the board. Remote work isn’t the only option for people, but it seems to be the best. Even employers who previously only hired for in-person positions have created new telework opportunities in order to adapt to the changing times. And that is just what this time in our lives is about: change.”

Digital Works has become a hot commodity in the face of this change. With specified customer service, sales, and tech support training, the course prepares students for a transition into the fastest-growing industry in the U.S.: telework. The program is offered 100% through virtual classrooms, with live instruction led by Golson. Individual assistance is also a part of the process, and Golson says the key to success in this rapidly evolving environment is as simple as being prepared.

“Most of my students come in on day one and have no idea what remote work really looks like. They see commercials or advertisements and think telework is sitting on the couch with your family all around you and watching a show while answering phone calls. This is not even close to realistic. To be competitive in the telework industry, you need to know what to prepare for, how to stand out against others competing for the same positions, and most importantly how to work with customers professionally and positively. Our program walks our candidates through all of this and more, helping them to create telework-specific resumes, practice virtual interviewing skills, and providing verified vendor information while assisting them in finding legitimate remote employment that fits their schedule. It really is the best package deal I have ever seen.”

January Class

July and August classes are already filling up. Wednesdays are on-site registration days where candidates can come into the facility located outside of Gate 4 on Fort Campbell Boulevard and work with Golson or proctor Chantel Cooke to complete the orientation and onboarding process. Interested candidates can also visit the website at: and register using the location “Fort Campbell, KY area.”

At this point, with the next school season right around the corner, the time to get in and get trained is now. Once training is finished, there is roughly a one- to two-week turnaround for employment, which lines up perfectly with the start of the new school year. Qualifying military spouses, veterans, spouses of veterans, and transitioning service members are all covered under the program’s grant funding and take the course at absolutely no cost to them.

“The course lasts less than a month, is 100% online, and you walk away with knowledge, professional sources, and most likely a job. What do you have to lose?” Stop in and see Golson and Cooke for more information on how you can get the jump start you are looking for into the remote workforce. If the working world is changing, it is a good idea to change with it.

About the Author: Jessica Golson is a Fort Campbell location Facilitator. She is responsible for a wide range of training activities designed to teach, develop, improve, and maintain individuals’ necessary skill sets, place them in remote job positions, and also prepare them for jobs requiring greater skills.

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