Student Spotlight: Scott J

Fort Campbell, KY (November 24, 2021) – Meet Scott, an avid gardener who enjoys making his own salsa and hot sauce using the fresh vegetables he grows from his own garden. He resides in a rural town in Kentucky, where the job market is slim and most of the bigger opportunities are in the larger cities that surround Ohio County. 

Scott happens to be one of Digital Works’ newest graduates and is currently in the process of applying for

Scott J

remote telework. He has over a decade of IT experience and has taught and provided customers with technical assistance. He is a computer enthusiast, but small-town living has limited his options for IT positions. Eventually his long commute to Bowling Green, KY would leave him longing for more convenient employment options!

When Scott heard about the Digital works program from a local website, the opportunity sounded great. He could give up on those long commutes and work from the comfort of his home. After looking into the details, he realized that the job placement and assistance portion would be invaluable.

Now that he’s completed the program, he is working through job placement with weekly calls and an employment tracker. When asked about the best takeaway from training, he replied “I really improved my skills in typing, customer service, resume writing and job searching. Digital works is a great program and I highly recommend it!”

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