Student Spotlight Emily G.

Fort Campbell, KY (January 25, 2022) – When Emily reached out to the Digital Works’ program, she had been out of the workforce for over a decade and had spent that time dedicated to raising her children. Emily explained, “Now that my children are older and more independent, I wanted to get back to working. I reached out to Digital Works to brush up on my customer service skills and to feel better suited to find a remote job.”

Emily G.

Emily G.

She was ready to jump back into the workforce but still wanted to be close to her kids. She knew remote work was the perfect option as it would allow her the flexibility of taking care of things on the Homefront while still providing financial stability for her family.  Emily explained, “It’s hard finding positions that are flexible enough for this military lifestyle.”

Once Emily passed the initial assessments and personal interview, she was scheduled to begin class in June and uniquely, was afforded the opportunity to participate in a special self-paced version. This self-paced version allowed her to complete a lot of the curriculum at her own pace, while also receiving one-on-one guidance with the facilitator for resume creation, presentation of remote work vendors and application instructions for each company. 

Just two weeks after the start of class, Emily had completed all her course work, graduated, and was offered a remote position with flexibility in scheduling. When asked about the program, Emily said, “I LOVED the self-paced, at home version and I really appreciate how helpful, kind and patient the entire Digital Works team has been. When I begin my new position in August, I plan to save my income to purchase land for our family. I’m looking forward to it!”

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