Student Spotlight: Amber W.

Fort Campbell, Ky (November 20, 2020) – Digital Works has empowered Amber W., a career-oriented individual and seasoned military spouse, to find her home within the remote telework industry.

Amber is a huge animal lover and nature enthusiast who enjoys spending time outdoors. She has been a military spouse for the past 17 years and, like most military spouses, she faces many challenges when it comes to finding employment. She worked hard to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and was eager to work. 

Amber W.

“One of my biggest frustrations is having to move every two to three years. Leaving my job every time we PCS causes me to reinvent my career, often being underemployed or unemployed in general,” Amber said. “Thankfully, Digital Works was part of a virtual information session that I attended upon moving to Fort Campbell. Being new to the area and unemployed seemed like the perfect opportunity to try remote work.” 

When asked what she gained the most from participating in the course, Amber said: “The Digital Works training was very eye-opening to me. I loved how the facilitator kept reminding us that words are free, therefore we should not be afraid to articulate clearly. We focused on my interview skills and how to properly build rapport with customers. The way we were taught to build our résumé and answer interview questions was different than anything I had ever learned before. The training was game-changing for me. I received multiple job offers after the course, opening new horizons.”

Armed with new customer-service skills, a professional résumé and information on reputable vendors, Amber began applying for remote positions with the guidance of her facilitator. Amber interviewed for a position, and just a week later, she was hired. 

“I am absolutely ecstatic! The company I am working for was No. 1 on my list from the day I researched them. They have an outstanding reputation and offered me tons of benefits. The flexibility of my position allows me to keep my job during future moves, and I am really excited about the opportunity for career growth,” Amber said. “My husband is nearing the end of his military career, so this allows us to maintain medical insurance and financial stability, easing us into our future endeavors once he retires.”

“I am very thankful for this opportunity,” she added. “Digital Works is an outstanding resource for the military and their families. It’s truly life-changing. Hopefully, the program will be offered at more military installations. It would increase great opportunities for spouses and retirees, thus, helping military families be successful during service and after service by building better family dynamics!”


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