SoloWorks Graduate Spotlight: William Yarborough

When William Yarborough stepped through the doors at a SoloWorks facility he had no idea he would walk out with a new career. Yarborough became unemployed and was searching for a job he could take with him anywhere. He decided to begin his new career by training with SoloWorks in Grants, New Mexico. Yarborough was intrigued by SoloWorks because it could allow him to earn a steady income while giving him the ability to work anywhere with internet connection and telephone access.


“I’m excited for a different medium of work . . . It’ll be my first time working solely from a phone and not seeing the customer face-to-face,” said Yarborough.


SoloWorks provided him with skills for a modern telecommunications career that includes customer service via telephone. He’s now more confident interacting and solving problems with a customer.


William Yarborough

William Yarborough

“The training I received will start me off at a running pace, and set me apart from the average applicant for telecommunications,” he said.


Yarborough stays open-minded when it comes to the job search during this period of SoloWorks training. He ideally wants to find a position with a data entry aspect or work as a customer service representative.


Yarborough’s piece of advice while searching for jobs is to “not be picky about what jobs you can get and the skills you can and can’t do.”


In other words, Yarborough believes it’s best to stay open to different job positions and companies because you never know what job may be the best fit. Thanks to SoloWorks he hopes one day to design network systems and build internet servers for companies.


About the Author: Rachel O’Morrow is a junior studying strategic communication at Ohio University in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Rachel’s areas of interests are public relations, digital marketing, as well as creating branded content. She writes for several Ohio University campus publications and is a Creative Head for the student-led public relations and advertising firm to help businesses reach their audience.

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