Meet the Digital Works Graduate Who Hit Our 1,000th Job Placement!

Class of 2020: Courtney Anaeki

Fort Campbell, Ky (August 5, 2020) – Digital Works (DW), a program of Connected Nation, hit its 1,000th job placement on July 27, 2020 — and it was student Courtney Anaeki whose remote job placement clocked us in at that major milestone!

Anaeki is a military veteran living in Fort Campbell, Ky. Prior to attending the DW program, she separated from the Army due to concerns with COVID-19 and was left desperately looking for a remote job.

Courtney Anaeki

Courtney Anaeki

“When I separated from the Army, it was really hard to secure a job,” she said. “So my career coach at Campbell Strong recommended Digital Works.”

Anaeki was enrolled in the first all-virtual class offered to military spouses, veterans, and veteran spouses living in Kentucky. The class included communication skills and customer-centered training, typing and transcription practice, mock sales sessions, and résumé and interview assistance.

“Digital Works is incredibly helpful with finding jobs, and it’s definitely a résumé builder,” said Anaeki. “Jessica Golson and Chantel Cooke are super helpful, so anyone who is interested will have a ton of support.”

Anaeki landed a job five days after her class finished and then went on to pursue a second one. It was this second job, once secured, that enabled her to hit our 1,000th placement.

“If anyone is slightly interested in working at home I would highly recommend Digital Works,” said Anaeki. “While I was enlisted I was a mechanic, so my current job is a total 180 for me. Digital Works is a great stepping stone for remote work.”

Congratulations Courtney Anaeki! Best wishes from everyone at Digital Works on your future success! If you are interested in learning more about Digital Works, visit our website

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