It’s Not Just a Job. It’s an Encouraging and Supportive Community.

Dear Digital Works Participants:

On September 7, I had the pleasure of attending the Digital Works – Reeb Avenue Center career workshop for our central Ohio program graduates. The workshop was a chance for graduates to learn about new job postings and advanced career opportunities and to assist current trainees with submitting applications and preparing for interviews. But the event was so much more. I can describe the experience in one word: encouraging.

More than 20 candidates participated in the career workshop. Many attendees had previously completed our program and moved on to be successful in their chosen career field, while some were still in training. Several of the graduates jumped at the chance to share their stories – their backgrounds, what led them to Digital Works, and their professional journey since graduating. From stories of overcoming adversity to tips for succeeding in work-from-home positions, the level of mentorship that was shown was truly inspirational! I have no doubt that every person in attendance grew professionally and personally from the experience.

This workshop is just one example of the many opportunities available to you to network with your Digital Works staff and community. I invite you to participate in the quarterly events at your local facility— whether it is a potluck or a workshop. Engage with Digital Works on social media, and connect with your peers on the Think Tank forum. Digital Works staff is always here to help and answer questions throughout your journey. We are only an e-mail or phone call away. When we work together nothing is out of reach! Let’s continue encouraging one another toward success.

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” –Shawn Hitchcock

With kind regards,

Heather Davis

Digital Works Virtual Facilitator/ Employer Relations Specialist

Heather speaking to the group at the workshop.

Heather speaking to the group at the workshop.




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