How Digital Works Affects Lives – Joel’s Story

How Digital Works Affects Lives – Joel’s Story from Connected Nation on Vimeo

Before finding Digital Works, Joel says she bounced from job to job, even despite having a degree in medical coding. Full-time jobs required too many hours and a strict schedule, while part-time jobs didn’t pay enough for her to support her family.

“I’ve gone two to three years without finding a job,” said Joel. “Now, I’m an independent contractor with LiveOps and for NexRep…working about 25-30 hours per week.”

Joel is a mother of three – ages 2, 10, and 13. Having a flexible work schedule that allows her to spend time with her kids each day, while being involved in their extra curricular activities, is vital to her. Through Digital Works, Joel has found employment that helps her maintain a positive work-life balance.

“This has a flexible schedule and I love that,” said Joel. “I can work when my kids go to sleep. I can work early in the morning when they are in school. I can pick up a shift during the day. There’s no cap on how much you can work or make.”

Hear from Joel in the video above and share her story with others.

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