Graduate Spotlight – Stephen C.

stephen c

Stephen lives in Circleville, Ohio. He was diagnosed with the rare disease Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, or EDS, seven years ago. Stephen was unemployed and looking for a job that gave him flexibility. Living with a disability can make daily tasks challenging and traditional work duties difficult to complete. He was referred to Digital Works through his local Jewish Family Services location.

“For someone like me with a disability, you’re always hearing ‘can’t, can’t, can’t.’ But I know I have a lot still to contribute to society. I come here [to Digital Works] and I hear ‘I can!’ And I can make decent money, too.”

Stephen began the training program in February at the Logan, Ohio, facility. He graduated in April and immediately secured part-time work with Maritz and LiveOps, which allows him the option to work at home and when it’s most convenient for him. This is important for Stephen, as he has good days and bad days when it comes to physical health and mobility.

“This is a blessing,” said Stephen. “I can bend and manipulate my schedule. I can see my doctor if I have a bad day, then the next day I jump back in and make up my time.”

Stephen is quite energetic, determined, and is excited to grow his skills through the advanced training provided by Digital Works.

“My long-term goals are to earn all the certifications Digital Works offers, work full-time hours, and tutor and mentor others in the program,” he said.

Digital Works is presenting Stephen with an upgraded computer to assist in his advanced training and career goals

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